Just turn the wheel to the dance you are currently studying and find out the basics: the meter, tempo, rhythm and affect. Then check the booklet for more in-depth descriptions of each dance: specific phrase structure, harmonic rhythm, and technical tricks for breathing life and movement into your dance.

You and your audience won’t be able to keep those toes from tapping!

Performers! Teachers! Students!
Dance at a Glance is designed for all musicians!


• A handy wheel guide containing information on such major dances as the allemande, gigue, corrente, courante, sarabande, bourrée, menuet, rigaudon, chaconne, loure, forlana, passepied, and gavotte.

• An information booklet with articles on the dance suite, court balls, and common dance elements — plus an essay about Baroque dance by well known dance historian and dancer Angene Feves.

• CD with audio examples of each dance.

Price: $39.95 + $4.00 shipping and handling.