KATastroPHE Productions was established in 1993 in a carriage house in Napa Valley, California, by harpsichordists, Phebe Craig and Katherine Westine. After many successful performances of the duo-harpsichord repertoire, they began producing CDs. Both have been active in early music and teaching and were inspired to create play-along CDs in response to the needs of the musical community. In addition to these recordings, KATastroPHE is also the umbrella organization for a diverse collection of music enterprises: The Florio Street Concert Series; Dueling Harpsichords; and explorations into that rare genre, humor in early music, with the distinguished ensemble La Foolia. They have also felt compelled to design T-shirts with the perfect sentiments for all early music occasions.

Katherine Westine (left) and Phebe Craig

6389 Florio Street
Oakland, CA 94618