Duet Yourself! is a play-along CD featuring a compilation of favorite piano duets by classical and romantic composers. We provide you with one part on the CD, you play the other part on the piano. We have recorded both primo and secondo separately, giving you the opportunity to play either treble or bass parts.

Duet Yourself! is an excellent learning tool for piano students. The CD
provides both slow practice and final performance tempos; it demonstrates
excellent musicality helping the practicing pianist rise to a high standard. Piano teachers know that students and amateurs are eager to invest in a duet book if they have a partner to accompany them. Here is the ultimate partner!

The Duet Yourself! CD includes 60 minutes of music. Sheet music with
comments about the pieces is also provided. This is KATastroPHE's fourth play-along and the first one intended for pianists. It was compiled and performed by Katherine Westine, with production assistance by Phebe Craig.

Price: $34.95 plus shipping and handling


Rondo (from Sonata in C, K. 19d)

Two Ländler

Spanish Dance (Op. 12, No. 2)


Two Waltzes (Op. 39, Nos. 10 & 11)