For Early Intermediate Players

George Frederick Handel
from The Water Music
Minuet in G Minor, no. 18
Minuet in G Major, no. 15
Bouree in D Major, no. 14

Arcangelo Corelli
Sarabanda from Sonata op. 5, no. 7
Sarabanda from Sonata op. 5, no. 8

Henry Purcell
"Fairest Isle"

Jean Baptiste Lully
J'en vais perdre la vie

Pierre D. Philidor
Air en Rondeau

From the Amaryllis Collection
The Nymph
A new Gavotte

James Oswald
Autumn, Aria from The Night-Shade
Summer, Siciliana from The Heliotrope
Autumn, Musette from The Marvel of Peru

Traditional & Country Dance Tunes
Crosbey Square
The Black Nag
Chelsea Reach

Renaissance Consort Pieces
W. Lawes: Gather ye rosebuds while ye may
John Dowland: Now, oh now I needs must part
Jacob Arcadelt: Il bianco e dolce cigno
Claudin de Sermisy: Tant que vivray
Pedro de Escobar: Non ex virili
Roland de Lassus: Bon jour mon coeur
Anon: Tourdion
Claudin de Sermisy: Amour me poingt

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Recorded at A= 440
There are additional CDs available for $9.95 each at 415 or 440 at slow or regular tempos to supplement the Pre DiscContinuo disk in the package. They are:
Slow 440
Regular 415
Slow 415
"Through all my research in the playalong industry, DiscContinuo still comes out on top! This continuo ensemble is not strictly metronomic. It uses rubato, ritards, accelerandos, and other tempo variations wherever appropriate. The result is a much more musical whole than you might imagine possible on a music minus one CD."

"I am quite a fan of the DiscContinuo series...I believe that the DiscContinuo series should be on the shelf of every aspiring recorder player. I enthusiastically recommend all three volumes, as even the most advanced players can have great fun playing along with the DiscContinuo musicians!"

"I feel compelled to write this letter of thanks for the efforts you put forth to create the DiscContinuo. I have purchased two of them and have learned so much from them about music and how to play brings me a feeling of contentment just to know that whenever I have time to practice, I will be able to make music, real music, with all of you talented people. It has been so much fun, I just had to write and let you know."